Organizers of

The International Conference

" Empowering the Private Sector role in Governance and Anti-Corruption Efforts"

Anti-Corruption Commission

A Corruption-free Palestinian Society based on the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability.

Development and implementation of public anti-corruption policies to enable the detecting, revealing, uncovering of sources, addressing causes, preventing and eliminating all forms of corruption. These goals are attainable through the promotion of a mass culture to stand right up to corruption, encouraging all forms of cooperation aiming at preventing and eliminating it and prosecuting corruption related offences.

Strategic Objectives:
1- Preventing Corruption PACC’s aimed at creating and empowering anti-corruption legislative and institutional environment capable of reducing corruption.
2- Enforcing Law and judicial prosecution PACC’s aimed at developing effective legislations, investigations and judicial procedures in prosecuting corruption-related offences.
3- Raising awareness, training, educating and community participation: PACC seeks anti-corruption supportive community partnership and efforts to enhance its maximizing role in empowering the principals of integrity, transparency, accountability and responsibility.
4- International Cooperation PACC works to establish dual multilateral international cooperative relations with international organizations to empower the anti-corruption efforts.