Organizers of

The International Conference

" Empowering the Private Sector role in Governance and Anti-Corruption Efforts"

Anti-Corruption Commission

A Corruption-free Palestinian Society based on the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability.

Development and implementation of public anti-corruption policies to enable the detecting, revealing, uncovering of sources, addressing causes, preventing and eliminating all forms of corruption. These goals are attainable through the promotion of a mass culture to stand right up to corruption, encouraging all forms of cooperation aiming at preventing and eliminating it and prosecuting corruption related offences.

Strategic Objectives:
1- Preventing Corruption PACC’s aimed at creating and empowering anti-corruption legislative and institutional environment capable of reducing corruption.
2- Enforcing Law and judicial prosecution PACC’s aimed at developing effective legislations, investigations and judicial procedures in prosecuting corruption-related offences.
3- Raising awareness, training, educating and community participation: PACC seeks anti-corruption supportive community partnership and efforts to enhance its maximizing role in empowering the principals of integrity, transparency, accountability and responsibility.
4- International Cooperation PACC works to establish dual multilateral international cooperative relations with international organizations to empower the anti-corruption efforts.

Ministry of National Economy

The growth of the Palestinian economy expands under the supervision of the Ministry of National Economy inherently entitled with shaping programs and developing empowerment policies of the productive sectors. The ministry maintains its commitment to continue cooperating with the private sector in order to ensure the well-being of the People of Palestine.

Palestinian Businessmen Association

The Palestinian Businessmen Association is devoted to protect the interests of its members by providing advocacy and support to the companies, private sector and the national economy, as well as, pressuring towards legislation and adoption of economic policies. It also aims at attracting investments and modern technologies. Moreover, it seeks raising awareness and contributes to building the appropriate economic setting along with promoting the concept of governance, social responsibility of companies, and the required social and economic reforms.