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PACC holds a workshop to call for working papers


The Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) in collaboration with the Palestinian Businessmen Association (PBA) and The Ministry of National Economy organized a workshop calling for working papers to participate in the International Conference "Empowering the Private Sector role in Governance and Anti-Corruption Efforts" on Thursday

Mr Rafiq Al-Natsheh, Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) stated that PACC works to the benefit of all Palestinian People, and is not confined to a certain party, tribe or group. It always seeks cooperation with all segments of society to build a corruption- free independent state. He added that; in this conference, PACC aims at presenting a civilized role model through searching for accomplishments that rise up to the greatness of the Palestinian people which deserve our services for its steadfastness in standing against the Israeli Occupation

Mr. Osama Amr, Chairman of the Palestinian Businessmen Association (PBA) appreciated the attendance of representatives from all commissions, institutions, and Ministries considering it a clear evidence of their significant interest in this important conference.  He pointed out to the fact that corruption prevents and discourages investments, referring to the world role-model presented by the Palestinian Anti-corruption Commission that establishes an independent state based on principles of integrity and anti-corruption. Mr. Amr emphasized PBA commitment to undertake all efforts to conduct a successful conference

Dr. Hamdi Al Khawaja, General Director of Planning at PACC named the four main topics of the conference and explained the conditions for participating with working papers. Mr. Al-Khawaja stated that the conference will focus on the major role of the private sector in empowering governance and Anti-corruption

After discussion, a special committee was formed to review abstracts of the submitted working papers